History of the Clubhouse

Some fun facts about the Clubhouse

The first Greenbank Progressive Club meeting was held on June 12, 1920. 

The club is not political, its founding mission is "the establishment and maintenance of a social club to promote the social gathering of the citizens of Greenbank."

The club originally met in private homes, then the bunkhouse at the Greenbank Farm. In 1949 the club was successful at a year-and-a-half campaign to build a modern new hall for the Greenbank community. The original cost to build the hall was $3,500. The community banded together to build the structure, with many materials supplied at-cost by the Greenbank Store.

The clubhouse and gardens viewed from the southeast.

History Timeline

1/10/1913 – Land clearing contract with Island County School District.

6/12/1920 – First meeting minutes & Constitution and Bylaw established.

8/5/1920 – State of Washinton recognized GPC Article of Incorporation.

7/8/1949 – Land lease from Coupeville school district.

Summer 1949 – Beginning of the building construction.

2/17/1951 – Grand opening of the Greenbank Community Hall (aka GPC).

12/18/1951 – Warranty Deed from Coupeville District for $25 (We owned the land.)

2/19/1952 – $0.25 Real Estate Tax paid.

7/30/1959 – Standard Oil released oil, gas, and mineral rights covering 327 acres on Whidbey Island including the GPC land.

3/6/1969 – Island County obtained the Quit Claim Deed for right of way from GPC. 

                  Note: Approx. 10’ of property along Bakken Road now belongs to the County. 

9/7/1996 – ADA upgrade of the Club building (See South Whidbey Record article.) 

9/15/1971 – Puget Sound Power & Light (PSE today) obtained the easement in the northeast corner of the property to install and maintain large outdoor light post. GPC continues to pay for the electricity.

Sept 2000 – Ruth I. Carey bequeathed $13,570 to GPC which enabled a long list of property repair and upgrades.

7/25/2002 – GPC signed Park & Ride Lot Agreement with Island Transit.

7/7 2004 – Park & Ride lot open for public transit use.

1/4/2006 – GPC celebrated 85 years anniversary (See Whidbey News Times article.)

3/8/2007 – Major revision of Bylaws.

11/17/2007 – GPC Technical documentation and the Well Performance Review by Keith Turner

8/3-18/2012 – Rebuild of the Pump House completed 

12/20/2018 – Clubhouse sustained heavy damage by windstorm (See 1/15/2019 Whidbey News Times article.)

July 2019 – Completed the repairs, rebuilding, and remodeling of the Clubhouse facility costing more than $265,000.

Aug 5, 2020 – Centennial celebration postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click on the newspaper clippings below to read about the grand opening of the Clubhouse on Feb 17, 1951.

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