Rent The Clubhouse

The Greenbank Clubhouse is open for rental. The building is fully equipped with on-site parking, updated kitchen, and meeting space with tables and chairs. Capacity is 150 people.

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Clubhouse Amenities

  • Capacity for 150 people. 
  • 1,782 square feet of hardwood floor for your event. 
  • Free Wifi.
  • Full kitchen with ample counter space, two electric stoves, double and single basin sinks.

  • Large refrigerator with bottom freezer and a microwave.

  • Large coffee pots, utensils, silverware and dishes are available.

  • No dishwasher.

  • Tables and chairs for seated events.
  • Podium and projection screen for presentations.
  • Two restrooms for guest convenience. 
  • Large outdoor grassy area and ample onsite parking for your guests.
  • Landscaping by the Greenbank Garden Club. 

Rental Fees

Half Day Rental (Four Hours or Less): $110.00

Full Day Rental (Over Four Hours): $220.00

15% discount available for rental of eight or more dates in one contract.

Renter Responsibilities

Renters of the GPC Clubhouse agree to and are responsible for:

  1. Damage to the clubhouse and/or any of its contents.
  2. Turning off all lights, ranges, and turning the thermostat to 55 degrees.
  3. Cleaning the clubhouse: vacuum, sweep, wipe spills, and return tables and chairs as originally found on the premises.
  4. Removing all items brought to the clubhouse including food and trash.
  5. LOCKING all doors and securing the premises.
  6. NO OPEN Flames are permitted inside the clubhouse, such as candles, BBQ, lighters, etc.
  7. Obtaining a banquet liquor permit from Washington State Liquor Control Board IF liquor is served .
  8. Renters must be 21 years of age or older and remain on the premises during the event.

Want to set up your rental?

Email us at

or call 360-678-4813

rental agreement 2024-rev11.2023.pdf
Download File

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