Greenbank Progressive ClubApr 4, 2024 3:23pm

Monthly Members Meeting & Potluck Dinner

 Thursday, April 11, 2024

Meet and greet will begin at 6 PM with dinner at 6:30.  

Everyone is invited and asked to bring a dish to share and their own table service.


Game Night is planned for the evening.  Attendees will be playing a version of the popular TV game show Password. Our Host will be Mistress of Merriment Heather joined by Esteemed Judges Roger and Marie.   Be prepared to rack your brain for the perfect (one word) clue that will help your teammate guess the password.  Points will be awarded for correct answers and there will be a prize.


For rental of Greenbank Clubhouse,

please call 360-678-4813.


Greenbank Garden Club

¬ Monthly Members Meeting & Potluck Dinner¬ 

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